Benefits of mPOS

Retail line-busting – Delivering faster checkout solutionsDeliver faster checkout with on-demand line expansion. Ruby Mobile Wallet allows merchants to adapt smartphones into payment stations on the GO as more checkout lines are needed in peak hours or for seasonal sales.

Retailers realize the following benefits from Ruby Mobile Wallet: More InfoHide Info

  • Saves money by using affordable smartphones instead of costly POS terminal equipment
  • Provides maximum flexibility in managing in-store design and traffic flow, offers the highest level of data encryption available with smartphones
  • Offers Chip & PIN capability and is EMV L1, L2 compliant for global markets
  • Reduces scope of PCI oversight
  • PIN-Debit enabled

Special sales venues – Giving you the opportunity to offer card payments anywhereGive your customers the choice of card-based payments in virtually any location. Merchants in special venues, such as outdoor/exhibit hall settings are often challenged in providing secure card-based transactions to their customers. Conditions may make data transmission difficult, expensive or technically impossible.

Ruby Mobile Wallet is ideally-suited to enable affordable options to accept card payments securely, using smartphones and other mobile devices, over wireless and Wi-Fi networks. We offer mobile vendors on special sales venues the following benefits: More InfoHide Info

  • Provides the most affordable POS equipment solution for merchants operating in non-traditional locations
  • Expands payment options to enable card acceptance anywhere 3G service is available
  • Reduces risk for the merchant and the client. No transaction data is stored on the device and all transmission is TDES DUKPT encrypted

Direct sellers – Accepting payments anywhereEnable your sales people to directly accept card–based transactions securely from virtually any location using the most affordable mobile payment devices.

The benefits for home-based direct sellers and distributors include: More InfoHide Info

  • Reduces risk for all parties by encrypting data transmission
  • Provides faster order entry to maximize sales by enabling direct ordering during the sales event
  • Reduces paperwork for sales agents in entering new purchase orders
  • Reduces post-event ordering potential problems, by offering real-time payment authorization
  • Reduces manual data entry errors
  • Speeds up transaction time through smartphone
  • Provides enhanced customer experience by offering more payment options, faster checkout and strong data security
  • Enables low cost PIN-debit processing
  • Offers immediate ROI from hardware

Small business – Accepting payments on the GOConvert your smartphone into a point-of-sale terminal, reducing start-up costs and minimizing your business equipment needs. Serve your customers anywhere, by offering payment acceptance on a mobile device. With Ruby Mobile Wallet solution your business has incredible flexibility in serving new customers anywhere. Now customers can come to you or you can visit them, virtually anywhere.

The benefits of our solution for this vertical include: More InfoHide Info

  • Reduces startup costs by maximizing functionality of smartphones to use for other purposes
  • Increases flexibility of serving customers making it easy to setup new payment locations
  • Offers the lowest-cost form of payment acceptance by allowing merchants to accept PIN-based debit transactions without significant investment in PIN-entry POS terminals
  • Proprietary encryption reduces the risk of data breach for all parties