About Ruby Mobile Wallet

Accepting credit payment on any smartphone has never been so easy! Only true complete white label solution tailored for acquirers, mobile operators, organizations, VAR or distributors:

Branded mobile app including:

  • Acceptor app (card present and not present)
  • Geo-positioning
  • Gift & loyalty app
  • Multi terminal reporting capability

Branded WEB site with:

  • Enrolling module
  • Reporting available
  • CMS module
  • Fraud detection
  • PCI-DSS 2.1
  • Key injection through our proprietary HSM (Hardware Security Module) allowing acquirers to inject in known and desired format
  • Supports currently over 86 world currencies

Ruby mobile is the fastest way for any organization to go to the market Because our proprietary technology combines:

Proprietary switch capable of routing directly to any acquirer

Proprietary acceptor application supporting any mobile platform

Proprietary WEB site managing deployment, customers, devices and injection

Reader allowing for P2PE (Point 2 Point Encryption) to secure transactions